Pms be gone 

I got my period today. ☺️ 
So now I have to do my monthly apologies for my behaviour in the 2 days leading up to my period.,
I’m sorry husband for getting angry at the sound of your breathing, I know you have to do it. 
I’m sorry kids for getting angry at the 4 million questions you asked me yesterday, I’m your mum, it’s my job to pretend I care even when I don’t. 
I’m sorry for pulling the finger instead of indicating. 
I’m sorry for cracking the shits at the sound of anyone eating near me, that’s just mean. 
I’m sorry to the man crossing the road REALLY slowly in front of my car. 

You are not really a fuck wit, your probably just stoned, I was in a hormonal prison of frustration and anger. 

Free now 

7 thoughts on “Pms be gone ”

  1. Lol, yeah, periods are hell. But I’m always angry when I hear people chew near me. I found that it’s called misophonia, it’s real! Love to read you. 🙂


  2. Yep, I don’t need PMS to go batshit crazy at someone, anyone, making eating noises – urgghhh!!! Mind you, I don’t need PMS for all those other things to annoy me either, so you’re clearly a saint 😉 Just discovered your blog – love it!


  3. OMG…I Love you…thank you for your brutal honesty and most of all thank you for owning it, saying sorry and moving forward! I think you may be my new best friend!


  4. I don’t know you but I love you. Your blog is brilliant. You made me feel good for at least 30 minutes today. It’s about the time it took me to read all of your posts. Please never stop. A desperate French mum and spouse from NYC.


  5. I love your blog! Totally hits the nail on the head! It’s a bloggy world out there and I’ve just set about doing my own. Thank you for the honesty. It’s refreshing!
    Nic X


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