anxieties a bitch

I used to suffer the worst anxiety attacks ever. Which I’m totally ok with admitting because I know that anxiety is really only for the most intelligent of people. 
Sometimes I thought I would vomit, thought I couldn’t breath, thought I was about to pass out and I would get the shittiest shakes. 

At times my life felt like impending doom was hovering over the top of me despite having nothing to really worry about.
My friends actually got used to my anxiety and pretty much stopped flinching when they noticed me rocking in the corner breathing into a paper bag. 
“Where’s Con?” 

“Over there having a nervous breakdown”

“Cool, she’ll be back in about 10”
And what’s more annoying, it actually got worse after kids, only then I didn’t have my wolf pack so close by anymore πŸ”« 
So looking back I have been wondering lately where that went, how I moved past it and I’m pretty sure it fucked off with this piece of advice from an aunty. 

(Aunties are worth more then freshly laid dragon eggs, if you don’t have any you can borrow one of mine) 
You need to disempower your anxiety, you do this by questioning that very thing, it’s power. 

What is the worst that could happen with an anxiety attack? 

“stop breathing pass out, in public, sit down in car park, cry”

Ok, so? If you stop breathing you probably will pass out, then you will start breathing again, the world goes on. Then what? 

“Hmmm nothing I guess”

Guess what? People are kind. Anxiety tries to convince you that they are wankers, because anxiety is a wanker. 

People on the other hand want to help you. There are queens everywhere, just waiting to help you, to kick the shit out of your anxiety attack. 
Stop thinking that you need to hide it, be a fucking diva about it. 
“Back the fuck up everyone, this queen is having an anxiety attack, grab my kids and fan me bitches” 

I can pretty much guarantee that all the queens in woolies, Bunnings, David Jones will be there. With walkie-talkies saying “queen down, queen down, grab wine, queen down” 
By embracing your anxiety, your effectively disempowering it. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Disempower the wanker, it can’t actually hurt you. It will leave when it realised that you aren’t afraid of it anymore. πŸ‘‘
#likeaqueen #queenfest #fuckanxiety 


13 thoughts on “anxieties a bitch”

  1. I agree, don’t stop writing – I love to read you! Anxiety was so bad in my daughter that she had to take something for it. Very hard to control, good for you that you can! πŸ™‚


  2. You are the absolute best…I just found your blog and couldn’t be happier about it. I am so ready to kick my anxiety attacks to the curb because they are really, truly annoying. Your advice is awesome…coupled with a trip to the doctor tomorrow and I will be good to go. Thank you for being so honest about life! I love grubby honesty.


  3. I too know horrific panic attacks./anxiety. I have disempowered all but 1 of my ” petty fears”. ( driving on the expressway). Thanks for talking about stuff like this, it’s so common yet it makes you feel so isolated. Kids helped me to stop having anxiety attacks…pregnancy made them a hole lot worse and post partum was pretty interesting. I never wanted to appear “weak” to my kids. But I know facing fear is hugely courageous. Fear of “nothing ” however makes me feel silly. I love how you say that ” anxiety is for the most intelligent of people”. I’m happy you write, I’m certain it’s therapeutic for you and your 4 kids?! You’re a warrior lady, keep on keepin’ on!!! Xo


  4. Had a bad anxiety attack a couple days ago one of my worst and this makes me feel less ashamed and know if i can think this way I can beat it too


  5. Your right you know, but that stupid overthinky part of mind is still overthinking… I promise to try and embrace it! Thanks from the other side of the pond Chicken x


  6. I used to have major social anxiety. I couldn’t talk to anyone who I considered of “higher importance” than me without going beetroot red, sweating and hyperventilating. It got to the point where I would start panicking well before I had to talk to someone. One day it just disappeared and I don’t know why or how. I can hold a conversation now! I almost feel like an adult! My daughter is 9 and im finally catching up to her πŸ˜‰ but i do wish i knew why or how it happened and why it just stopped so i could help others. Such a mystery


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